Building companies into industry leaders requires more than just a cash investment. We believe companies need scalable resources that provide robust strategic guidance, team-building capabilities and operational excellence to help them reach their full potential. These resources are not available to most businesses, especially small to mid-sized companies. Highcrest has built a unique approach and an innovative Shared Services Group to deliver these resources.

Typically, when most private equity firms make an investment, principals will provide strategic advice and advisory support to companies. Some groups even have in-house or contracted consultants who help portfolio companies with strategy development and introductions to their professional networks.

Highcrest takes this traditional approach much further by working on a deeper and more collaborative level with leadership teams. In addition to our Shared Services Group, we use a variety of resources including the following:

Strategic Guidance and Extensive Network

Drawing upon our Leadership Team’s extensive experience of investing and managing growing companies, we provide critical board-level strategy and guidance to management teams. We work collaboratively with leaders to develop a long-term growth plan. This strategy is developed from our comprehensive analysis of industries, market trends, competition and customer needs. In addition, we provide access to our wide-ranging network of influential professionals across multiple industries.

Add-on Acquisitions

When “buy and build” is a part of the growth strategy, Highcrest can execute on a repeatable merger-and-acquisition model for our portfolio companies. We use our in-house,scalable sourcing platform and extensive network to identify high-quality, strategic acquisitions that will extend a company’s service offering and geographic coverage. Our Shared Services Group then successfully helps to seamlessly integrate acquired companies.

Operational Expertise and Consulting Services

With deep experience at renowned companies such as GE, Boston Consulting Group, PwC Consulting, and Ernst & Young, our leadership team has a wealth of functional expertise to successfully implement a growth plan in each area of a business.

Team-Building and Operational Execution

Based on the growth strategy and current capabilities of the company, we work closely with management to develop a road map to determine what resources are needed to execute these plans and achieve the company’s goals. Our Shared Services Group augments existing teams and skillfully blends the strategic and tactical capabilities critical to delivering sustainable growth.

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